Friday, July 16, 2010

Boldly Going

“Missio Dei, the first frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Kyle. His ten month mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where he sure as heck has never gone before.”

It is pretty common knowledge that I am a nerd who would find great pleasure in the aforementioned allusion. It is also common knowledge that on July 31st (Holy Moses it is only 15 days away!) I will spring from my parents’ nest and head straight into the vast and mysterious world everyone is calling the Mission Field. I will experience life on my own, completely new and unpredictable surroundings, and incredible amounts of spiritual stretching all within the first week. Needless to say I just might wet myself with excitement.
People keep telling me not to worry and that everything will be great, and I believe them- well I believe the God who told me all that before they felt compelled to share it with me. To the best of my understanding I am not nervous or scared at all, at least at the moment. I am fully aware that I am standing on the brink of something much bigger than I am and that this is just the start of my dreams coming true. I am also aware that there aren’t too many people able to say that, and I praise God every day for it.
It is not, however, what I am going to that has me a little on the edge but is simply what I am leaving behind. The bottom line is I am not in charge of the things I have always been in charge of. Things that have been under my control won’t be, and I have to trust that the same God who more than miraculously provided for me will provide for the things He is asking me to leave.
A lot of these things are selfish but not all. For the past couple years God has been stressing to me how important my influence is on my peers and now I have to let them fend for themselves. I have to trust that God has spoken enough wisdom through me that they will be ok and that God knows what He is doing. He always does.
I am also naïve enough to pray that certain things stay the same the entire time I am gone and that I can come back next year and pick up exactly where I left off. I am aware this is completely ridiculous.
I have to trust that God will be piloting my Enterprise as well as doing amazing things at the Earth station.